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Crit post! For anyone I play, and the current lineup is as follows:
Captain Marvelous, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger @ [personal profile] redmarksthespot
Nozama Tomoko, Kamen Rider Fourze @ [personal profile] switchcraft
Kazuraba Kouta, Kamen Rider Gaim @ [personal profile] orangeyaglad

Any questions, comments, problems or discussions you want to have can go here. I will do my best to be timely!

All comments are screened, anonymous is enabled.
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Name: Captain Marvelous
Age: ~23
Height: 177cm
Weight: ????
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, messy

Medical Info: SPACE ALIEN?! Space anatomy! I really do not know, he heals good when fed. 8|b

Physical traits: There is a giant scar going across his whole shoulders in a diagonal slash. It's from a sword slash that would have killed a lesser person! But this is really not a thing you will see unless he's mostly naked, so. I'll try to remember and mention it in threads. There's another scar on his arm from being shot? Both ears are pierced! His left ear has two earrings, I think the right does too? It does now.

He looks like this, pretty much all the time.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything?? I can't think of anything that would really set him off ...?

Abilities: 8'D PIRATE. He has on his person at all times his Mobirates, GokaiRed Ranger Key, Gokai Gun, and Gokai Saber. The Gun is definitely a flintlock pistol, and the Saber is a cutlass no matter how you look at it. He is armed like a proper pirate should be and you better believe he shoots first and asks questions later. He can use the Mobirates and Key to transform into GokaiRed! HE IS A POWER RANGER! But! He is a super special one, because he can be every previous sentai member ever. Yes. Every one of them. All of them. He pirated their powers. 8U

Notes for the Psychics: Piiiiiiiiiiraaaaaaaaaaaaate. He doesn't really think ahead, but he likes to think with his stomach!

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Uh yes, manwhore.

Maim/Murder/Death: I am going to say no to death, but bring on your maiming and your fighting and your PHYSICAL VIOLENCES.

Bounty: Unlimited

Cooking: That is Don's job. (DON MAKE ME A SANDWICH.)
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[for Marvelous, and even Tomoko if Linds demands it]
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Scans appeared showing the pirates' bounties as they rose throughout the series, and I compared the initial and final reward and uh ...

me attempting math )

My sweet precious rule breaking space babies ;~;
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Semi hiatus pending fairly major surgery. I will be spending most of my time drugged up in preparation and I dunno how awake I will be given that these meds cause drowsiness.
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[* so hey pirates and visitors, maybe you noticed all the blood trailing to captain's room, or the pile of bloody clothing, or the mostly naked captain all bandaged up in bed! he is a little hard to miss. just give him a few more minutes to wait up and start groaning in pain. bother him?]
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[yeah that sure is a disheveled Marvelous just kind of leaning against the cabin wall, with dirt and mud everywhere]
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[so it is entirely possible that Captain Smoothvelous just shot his computer

actually the smoking bullet hole in the machine is probably really telling AND smelly, so]
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[Joe I hope you are decent I am not in a knock-on-the-door mood]
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[This is the five of you all getting the same terse phone call:] Come to the house. We have to talk.

[... after which the nice captain hangs up before you can object and sits and waits. :|]
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[Guess who has two thumbs and is allergic to recaptcha!

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[Because Marvelous is still stuck in Ryuunosuke's body for this post, since I missed people. Come at me, bros and ladybros.]
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[Nothing says comfort like three boys in one bed, right? Right. This is a straight up cuddlefest is what it is.]
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[dumping the tiny samurai in on the bed with the slacker samurai and leaving, slamming the door shut. ayup.

enjoy being locked in and chaperoned through the door]
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[so after getting reacquainted with that one guy he hates the most in the universe, Marvelous did the mature and adult thing, and dealt with his feelings in a healthy and positive manner———

okay no he went out and fought giant strong terror zombies and attacked rocks and trees with his weapons and fists and now he's kind of trampling home, completely bloodied and messed up and possibly limping. but he's marginally less angry now! :D;;;!!!]

((open to anyone who cares, Basco's arrival aftermath, it's awright))
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[Once upon a time in the messhall, there was a pirate with a mountain of plates, and a hamburger in each fist, stuffing his face. Deliciously.]
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... Except Marvelous really doesn't care about anyone else except his crew. Yet. And he is the only one I picked stuff out for because I am a lazy dick. OH NO...

Obnoxious images and words )
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